Silent Flight Publications, established to publish the work of Chris Roe

A selection of Poems and Prints from
'In Search of Silence' by Chris Roe


A Second Glance

The serenity of the setting sun,
Does not seek my applause,
Nor the moon or stars,
Or the returning dawn.
The glory and the splendour
Of the changing seasons,
Do not require my presence.
Creation, with all it's imperfections,
With all it's beauty,
With all it's balance,
Can exist without me.

Who then to gaze
Upon this priceless work of art.
Was the painting not gifted to me,
Does the artist not seek my appreciation,
Has the work of the master,
All been in vain.
Can I not afford,
At least,
A second glance.



Shafts of light
Through cathedral windows.
Dappled shade
Upon the leaves
Beneath my feet.
Bird song
In the branches above.

In the distance
Hind and fawn
Cross the forest track.
The sweet fragrance of autumn
Fills the misty air.

A gentle breeze
Moving colours
To the forest floor.

So precious
Such beauty,
So hard to find
Such peaceful sanctuary.


Below The Winter Sky

Below the grey, winter sky,
A covering of snow,
Lay upon the distant hills.
In the valley,
The familiar, but welcome sight
Of the grey stone cottage,
With smoke from the single chimney,
Gently drifting away
Upon the chilling winter breeze.

Journey's end closer now,
Footsteps quicken through the snow,
Along the narrow lane,
Leading to the path
And the solid timber door
At the front of the cottage.

Already in my mind,
Smells of the kitchen,
A glowing fire,
The warmth and comfort of home.
As I close the door,
Fresh snow covers my tracks
Along the lane,
As winter secures it's hold
Upon the cottage in the valley.

Inside at last.
Expectations of journey's end,
As I rest, by the fire,
Of the cottage, in the valley,
Below the grey, winter sky.

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