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From The Author. Chris Roe

Writing this collection of 45 poems has been, for me, a personal journey in search
of spiritual peace. The work has been selected from a number of poems written
over a time span of 30 years. Hopefully as you read this collection, the journey
will take you from dawn to dusk, through the seasons of the year and give you a glimpse of my life from youth to adulthood.

Although individual poems have been published in the USA, Canada and the UK,
this is the first complete collection of work I have published to date. I look forward
to publishing more of my work in the future and sharing my words and thoughts
with those who care to read.


Foreword - A precis of the foreword from the book 'In Search of Silence'

For every thousand words that mean nothing to us, are a few carefully chosen ones
that with the writers intelligence and skill, inspire us to great heights. Awe is what
you will experience in this collection of poems "In Search of Silence" by Chris Roe,
beautifully illustrated by Paul Roe.
Chris Roe is the master of personification and symbolism. Like a precious stone
cut into the most flatterinhg shape by his choice of words, we discover a distinct,
individual voice. Chris manipulates launguage with a jugglers ease seaming to bring all of natures beauty together as he searches for the deepest meaning of silence.

The quality of his prose is uncommon, quintessential and intensely moving,
sanctioning the notion that poetry isn't written to be analyzed; it is meant to inspire
without reason, to touch without understanding.

Trish New. Author of The Thrill of Hope, South Street Journal and Memory
Decatur, Texas, USA.

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